Nassau County Exec: Only worse thing than moving to Brooklyn is moving to Hartford


Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano says the only thing worse than the New York Islanders moving to Brooklyn is moving to Hartford.  Mangano was responding to stories that Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy has written a letter, inviting the NHL franchise to move to Connecticut, when its lease at its current Brooklyn home expires.

The Islanders original home for decades was at the Nassau Coliseum and Mangano is doing more than just writing a letter to the franchise owners, he has met with them about arranging for the franchise to return to its roots.

“I’m an Islander fan, (and) I think the Islanders should be right here on Long Island.  As long as I’m in this seat, and I have certain powers to advocate for a return, I’m going to be doing that,” Mangano told News 12 Long Island.

For now, the Islanders ownership will only say it is thrilled to be playing at Barclays Center in Brooklyn.




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  1. They were born in NEW YORK and there they should stay. They supported you from inception. Where the hell has loyalty gone??

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