Senator Murphy trolling Trump on Twitter


Connecticut’s junior U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy is trolling President Donald Trump on Twitter this Tuesday morning.  In the 7:00 hour, Trump – late for his tweets, he usually starts tweeting in the 6:00 hour – issued a tweet about Russia and Putin.  Within four minutes – in between TV appearances and a filibuster to halt a vote on Trump’s education nominee Betsy DeVos – Murphy managed to answer Trump’s tweet.

murphy troll

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  1. The word junior comes to mind when ever I read something about Senator Murphy. Really going after the president. It surprises me that Murphy and Blumenthal are lawyers and still believe the president’s last action was unconstitutional. You guys should try doing something for this failing state. Between our state representation and our Washington representation we’re going down hill fast. Go ahead, go after President Trump, you’ll end up looking like a real Jack Ass, you know like the Democratic Symbol.

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