Conservative website puts Malloy on hot seat over Bridgeport stabbing


The conservative website, the Gateway Pundit is putting Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy on the hot seat over the Friday fatal stabbing of a Bridgeport woman.  The suspect, Oscar Hernandez, was deported in 2013.

The governor has made nationwide news by “advising” local law enforcement officials not to cooperate with ICE on deportation issues.


2 Comments on “Conservative website puts Malloy on hot seat over Bridgeport stabbing”

  1. Maybe this guy could use a lawyer, Malloy, Blumenthal or Murphy could take his case since their always looking for a criminal to save.

  2. The three Stooges ,Malloy, Blumenthal, Murphy should get another job.
    This state will never get a professional team because of it’s location, and to high taxes. But as I had stated before this state is to liberal to make any changes. Oh wait didn’t the Patriots want to come to…Never mind.

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