Affordable Care Act not affordable again. Deductibles to rise on exchange


Hundreds of protesters joined the members of the state’s congressional delegation at a rally to save the Affordable Care Act on the north side of the State Capitol in January. Democratic Sens. Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy were joined by fellow¬†…

Some Obamacare Customers See Sharp Climb For Deductibles – Hartford Courant

One Comment on “Affordable Care Act not affordable again. Deductibles to rise on exchange”

  1. Please come to your senses, these guys don’t want the program fixed. They have a good health care system, you think they want the one they sold you on. If you fight reform you’ll be paying higher and higher deductibles. You should be screaming at these guys for signing the ACA in the first place. Did you forget Pelosi “we have to sign it so we can find out what’s in it”. You know it’s the same way you buy a car, salesman says sign here, you say what kind of car is it, how much will it cost and what are the monthly payments……………………just sign here we’ll get all that information to you when we deliver what ever you bought. Really, time to wake up CT, get your heads out of the sand.

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