Yawn! Typical Murphy, Blumenthal reaction to Trump speech

Chris Murphy

After the speech, Murphy appeared on MSNBC and YahooNews to give his reaction. U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) was also underwhelmed by Trump’s speech. “This speech was mostly vague platitudes, vacuous assurances, and appeals to fear,” …

Connecticut Democrats On Trump’s Speech: ‘Nothing New’ Except The Tone – Brookfield Daily Voice

One Comment on “Yawn! Typical Murphy, Blumenthal reaction to Trump speech”

  1. What do you expect. Again these morons only think about themselves.
    Liberal is as liberal does. Work for government make it larger , the people need to be told what is good for them.
    Mr.Blumenthal you are so out of tune to us tax payers, oops I forgot for a moment you like bleeding us with more taxes. True liberal B S . You people, and I use that statement loosely, have NO idea why PRESIDENT TRUMP WON.

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