GOP Pounces. Murphy back pedals but no apology

Chris Murphy
Chris Murphy
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The Republican Party is pouncing on a fundraiser being conducted by U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy in the aftermath of the Las Vegas shootings.  Before the victims had been identified, Murphy was directing supporters through an email to donate to a PAC, supporting Democratic Party issues.  The fourth option, once people entered the portal, was to donate to his re-election campaign.

When the Republican Party started criticizing Murphy for raising funds in this manner, his campaign removed the donate-to-his-campaign option, but donations to the PAC, ActBlue, are still being solicitied.


One Comment on “GOP Pounces. Murphy back pedals but no apology”

  1. Not surprised, just wondering if the electorate will ever catch on to this guy and vote for a real candidate that will put CT before himself.

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