She drops out of race fearing for family’s safety

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Rita Goel, the South Windsor town council candidate whose Facebook post caused a firestorm in town in the aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting, when she wrote: “Prayers for Las Vegas.  People in favor of guns should have been on that strip,” has withdrawn from the race.  Goel, a Democrat, took the Facebook post down and apologize, but said she is leaving the race because she fears for her family’s safety.


3 Comments on “She drops out of race fearing for family’s safety”

  1. South Windsor is lucky she dropped out. She wanted people who don’t agree with her thinking should have been on the Vegas strip. For what, maybe they would have been SHOT too. Not very bright is she with the dumb retraction.

  2. Though I am not a resident of South Windsor she did the right thing by quitting. People do NOT need someone who just opens their MOUTH without thinking first. How did she become a representative ????

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