Massachusetts step closer to single-payer. Connecticut next?



By Dan Lovallo

Dan's TakeMassachusetts is a step closer to single-payer healthcare with a vote by that state’s Senate to enable a study to measure the cost of instituting a single-payer healthcare system.  The Commonwealth’s House of Representatives will take up the issue next.

My prediction is Connecticut will also visit the issue but not in 2018.  Look for single-payer healthcare to be front and center for the new governor in 2019, especially if a Democrat wins and they are the majority party in the General Assembly.  Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Dan Drew has already come out for single-payer healthcare.

But Massachusetts has already moved a step ahead of Connecticut.  And I thought RomneyCare was the answer.

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  1. Getting closer to breaking out the For Sale sign just like all the smart ones that already made the move. Seeing more and more signs out there. Wait till the “Rich Ones” from Greenwich head south !


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